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Cisco UCS HyperFlex FE class notes

Recently I attended a two-day class on Cisco HyperFlex by Tomaz Klancnik from NIL. It was quite interesting and packed with information about this new Cisco’s system. Here are the notes I took during the lectures and the labs. General Notes about Cisco HyperFlex Not developed internally; Not a complete acquisition / spin-in; software developed by Springpath https://springpathinc.com/resources.php… Read More »

Policy-based routing for IP networks

Policy-based routing for IP networks in Cisco routers is a very powerful and precise tool which allows a network administrator to achieve a great many things.  In my opinion it should be considered just as fundamental, as general routing mechanisms. How  it is different from general destination-based routing and what we can to with it is the subject… Read More »

VLAN allocation

Speaking of L2 design, there are several aspects to the VLAN allocation on the switches: standard and extended VLAN ID ranges, reserved IDs, internal usage, protocol limitations and design best practices.